Kilicdaroglu refuses to align with Erdogan's government

Kilicdaroglu refuses to align with Erdogan's government
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Kilicdaroglu said they will continue to bring aid to earthquake zones without recognizing bureaucratic obstacles

Turkey’s main opposition CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu said he refuses to evaluate what the country is experiencing now beyond politics and align with the government.

Commenting on the reports that the aid materials sent to earthquake victims from all over Turkey were blocked within the scope of the state of emergency declared on Tuesday, Kilicdaroglu said they will carry on bringing aid to the disaster areas without recognizing bureaucratic obstacles.

“I’ve told our mayors; don’t comply with the bureaucratic obstacles, if you have to be arrested for finding bread and blankets for this people, then get arrested,” he said.

“I saw the state of our people. This collapse is exactly the result of the systematic expediency policy. I will not meet Erdogan, his palace and the gangs of profiteers on any ground. I will fight for my people, till the end,” Kilicdaroglu said via a video he posted on Twitter, recorded from the earthquake zone.

“If there is anyone who is primarily responsible for what happened, that’s Erdogan. It is this government that has not prepared the country for an earthquake for 20 years,” Kilicdaroglu said, also blaming the governing power for not effectively responding the rescue needs of the earthquake zone.