Many foreigners are missing in Turkey’s earthquake zone

Many foreigners are missing in Turkey’s earthquake zone
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Fourteen foreign nationals are reported as missing

The United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and the Netherlands announced that they have missing nationals in Turkey’s earthquake zone.

Australian Foreign Ministry said they have not heard from four Australian citizens known to be in the region following the earthquakes, Arti Gercek reported.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albenese also announced that 72 defense personnel will be sent to Turkey to assist local authorities. Albanese announced that the team will be in Turkey towards the end of the week. The Australian government also announced on Tuesday that it would provide $10 million in humanitarian aid to earthquake zones.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly on Tuesday also said that three British citizens were missing in the earthquake zone.

"We know that three British nationals are missing and the ministry’s Crisis Response Center is working to support at least 35 British nationals directly affected by these earthquakes," Cleverly said during an address in House of Commons in London.

Cleverly also said that the UK has sent 76 search and rescue specialists to Turkey.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani also stated that they could not reach an Italian citizen in the earthquake zone in Turkey.

"The crisis unit of our Foreign Ministry contacted all Italians in the earthquake zone. 61 people were in the troubled area and 168 people were in the wider area," Tajani said in a program he attended on the Rai 3 channel.

"We have contacted all but we could not trace one person,” Tajani said, adding that the missing national was on a business trip in Turkey.

According to the Italian media, the missing person could be in Kahramanmaras.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry also announced that they have received information that at least six Dutch citizens are missing in the earthquake zone.

"We are very concerned about their situation and are doing everything we can to provide clarity for their family and friends as soon as possible,” th ministry said.