Medical association warns of infectious diseases

Medical association warns of infectious diseases
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The Turkish Medical Association has warned the government about hygienic conditions and garbage collection in tent camps to prevent epidemic diseases

The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) has warned the government of the possible risk of contagious diseases in the earthquake zone, pointing out that cases of diarrhea have already occurred.

After an online meeting, members of the council of TTB made the following assessments:

Onur Naci, on Hatay province:

"Problems with shelters, heating, toilets, and garbage persist. The tent camps are inadequate and their conditions are not suitable.”

No work is being done to vaccinate people against tetanus. Pregnancy care needs a fast track for folic acid. People are doing the cleanup themselves. We have also started serving in containers.

We are doing primary health care in tents at four points. We have received over 400 patients. The only private hospital that is here has received a letter from the Ministry of Health prohibiting volunteers from working. The hospital works in the field of obstetrics, and the need for a midwife is very great, but we couldn't do it because of that.

We sent our teams to camps because there were no employees. We also do evaluations of the outgoing team and studies for at-risk groups, namely children, the elderly, and pregnant women. Dentists are also needed.

Midwifes are also needed. We also work with Turkish Psychiatric Association to create a network of counseling as best we can. The staff also has serious problems with heating.”

TTB 2nd President Ali İhsan Okten said that there was a shortage of medical supplies and drugs in the region:

"There are tents, yes, but everyone burns wood in front of the tent and that causes air pollution. Therefore, containers or prefabricated houses should be used. Also, better precautions should be taken in cleaning.

There is a shortage of medicines and medical supplies. The most important problem will be the prevention of epidemics, so the work done here is very valuable. Clean water is not available.

The cleanliness and hygienic conditions are not given. Another problem is the garbage collection. It is necessary to speed up the work to prevent the epidemic diseases that they will bring. Heating is also a major problem. Especially in the countryside, these problems have worsened.

Another issue is vaccination. Another important issue is the situation of health workers in the region. It is not right to deploy them in several earthquake-affected areas at the same time. The ministry must give them an appropriate mandate. Finally, there are also the first cases of diarrhea in the region