Opposition deputies slam inadequate rescue work in Hatay

Opposition deputies slam inadequate rescue work in Hatay
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Turkish Workers’ Party deputies said people in the city tried to save people under the rubble themselves with no help from officials

Baris Atay and Ahmet Sik, Turkish Workers' Party deputies, spoke of the devastation in Hatay, where inadequate rescue efforts left people in despair.

"This is not a rescue operation, this is an excavation," they said.

In a video message outside a collapsed building, Baris Atay said:

"I just want to show those who say they have reached everywhere. Look, there is no rescue work here. These are excavations. People are working on their own. It's a lonely town. The construction equipment was brought in by the citizens themselves. Nobody sends construction equipment or anything. There is no rescue team anyway. There's no AFAD. There's nobody."

Ahmet Sik also cried out against the inadequate rescue efforts:

"There are no words to describe the destruction in the center of Antakya. Citizens saythey pulled out 6 people out of the wreckage with their own efforts."