Over 72,000 lives may be lost: Business organization

Over 72,000 lives may be lost: Business organization
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A material damage of over $84 billion may be expected, a report by TURKONFED has said.

A Turkish non-governmental and nonpartisan business organization projected fatalities in the earthquake on 6 February at over 72,000.

72,663 deaths and a material damage of $84.1 billion may be anticipated, Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED) said in a report that was prepared on simulation of the data acquired after the 7.6 Magnitude Izmit earthquake in August 1999, which claimed at least 17,000 lives.

$70.75 billion of the total material damage may be due to destruction of buildings, $10.4 billion to loss in national income, and $2.9 billion to losses in work time, the report noted, adding that the earthquake will also have a significant negative impact on the budget deficit.

While the budget deficit for 2023 had earlier been estimated at 659.6 billion TL, it is likely to exceed 1 trillion TL under the circumstances, and the rate of the budget deficit to national income may be over 5.4%, the report said.

Some of the infrastructure damages mentioned in the report involve Hatay airport, Hatay-Reyhanli highway, highways and roads passing through the provinces of Antep, Hatay, Osmaniye, Adiyaman, power networks in several provinces, parts of natural gas networks, telecommunication networks, several public and private hospitals in Iskenderun and Hatay.

It was also noted that information concerning damages in hospital and school buildings are yet to be disclosed by officials.