Over two million people leave earthquake zone

Over two million people leave earthquake zone
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More than 2 million people have moved from the earthquake zone to other provinces, and more than 200,000 students have been transferred to other schools

The number of earthquake survivors who have migrated from the earthquake zone to other regions of Turkey exceeded 2 million people, Turkish newspaper Milliyet Newspapers reports. This number represents about 20% of the total population of the region.

The number of people evacuated by the gendarmerie, as well as those who left the area by their own means and registered with the governors and district governors of other provinces, is officially 1,971,589. Together with the others who have not yet registered, the number is well over 2 million, according to Milliyet.

According to Milliyet, a total of 35,249 people from search and rescue teams have worked in the area, but 24 days after the quake, the number of relief workers in the earthquake zone dropped to 6,368.

Disaster Management Agency AFAD said that 358,037 tents were erected in the earthquake zone, in 332 tent cities in 11 provinces. 162 container cities are being installed in 10 provinces, AFAD said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education announced that 202,817 students were transferred to other provinces. "The capital Ankara was the province with the most transfers among the top five provinces with 27,679 students, followed by Antalya with 18,922, Mersin with 18,878 and Istanbul with 15,019," Education Minister Mahmut Ozer said.