Reports from the city of Diyarbakir

Reports from the city of Diyarbakir
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Rescue operation in a destroyed shopping mall can proceed slowly because of risks, and the survivors are poorly, if any at all, protected against the cold.

At least 132 people have been reported dead so far in the Kurdish-majority city of Diyarbakir, which is situated some 360 km from the epicenter of the earthquake on early Monday.

The impact of the quake on the city has been less severe in comparison to Maras, Antep, Adiyaman and Hatay, and only seven buildings have been destroyed, but the survivors are facing harsh conditions and a rescue operation in a destroyed shopping mall can be carried out only at a slow pace because of further cave-in risks.


While 922 tents have been set up for the survivors by the Disaster and Emergency management (AFAD) in parks, people do not have sufficient heating and the tents stand on wet ground that makes the matters worse, Medyascope's Ferit Aslan said on Thursday.


Some survivors took refuge in schools, in the offices of Diyarbakir's chamber of commerce and industry, and even in train wagons, while some are still out on the streets, Refik Tekin of +Gercek reported.


Tekin also drew attention to the heating problem, noting that the people in tents are poorly protected from the cold by only a thin layer of nylon.

Those in the offices of the chamber of commerce and industry are served meals, he added.

The Syrian migrants in the city are apparently the most vulnerable among the survivors of the earthquake, according to the report.

Photos by Refik Tekin