Soylu accuses Austrian search and rescue team of "slander"

Soylu accuses Austrian search and rescue team of "slander"
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"They do this on political motivations," Turkish interior minister Soylu said after the Austrian team decided to suspend operations over security concerns.

Turkish interior minister Suleyman Soylu accused the Austrian search and rescue team in Turkey of "slandering" after the team was pulled away from operations due to security concerns. Soylu argued that the number of violent incidents across the area has actually dropped after the earthquake.

He said:

"Austrian search and rescue team claims they have stopped operations after they have been subjected to assault. 416 incidents have taken place in the days following the earthquake. The number of incidents in the previous six days is 586. Is it fair to slander against this nation so recklessly? Aren't they ashamed? They do this on political motivations, at such a hard time for our country, after an earthquake that is regarded to be the worst earthquake in world history. To hell with your politics."

He also said that a "disaster," apart from the one caused by the earthquake, is taking place in social media through "disinformation."

"We are now living through another disaster in social media, caused by ungrateful people who lost their memories and their humanity."

He continued:

"In our worst times, we are faced with this disinformation and lies, with this sickness that targets the unity of our people, this sickness of constantly trying to discredit the people of the country, to present things that do not exist as actual facts."