Suspected looter killed in custody

Suspected looter killed in custody
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Progressive Lawyers Association of Turkey said that Ahmet Guresci was killed in military custody in the southern Turkish city of Antakya. Guresci's autopsy revealed a brain hemorrhage and a broken nose

One of two brothers arrested Sunday on suspicion of looting in the earthquake-hit southern Turkish city of Antakya was killed after being tortured by military police, according to the Progressive Lawyers Association of Turkey.

The association said in a statement that Ahmet and Sabri Guresci were arrested by the gendarmerie and Ahmet Guresci died in custody due to beatings, while Sabri Guresci is still in custody.

The autopsy of Ahmet Guresci revealed that he had a brain hemorrhage and his nose was broken.

Earlier, videos showing police officers whipping suspected looters sparked a debate on social media, with some supporting the crackdown while others said it had no place in a democratic system.

Not only police officers punish suspected looters without judgment, but also civilians.

Three people in the Defne district of Hatay province were lynched and murdered for allegedly stopping a pickup truck and looting the aid materials it was carrying.