"There are still villages that the government could not go"

"There are still villages that the government could not go"
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An HDP delegation criticized the government's relief efforts in earthquake-damaged villages, where the government has yet to reach 12 days after the earthquake

There are still villages in the earthquake zone where the government officials have not set foot, 13 days after the disaster, and dead bodies are still under the rublble, said Pervin Buldan, the Co-Chair of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP.)

Buldan made those remarks during a visit to villages in Urfa province accompanied by a party delegation including senior figures.

"In the first two days, the people of Adiyaman, Elbistan and Maras healed their own wounds, we already know that. However, I would like to point out that there are still villages where the government cannot go and enter. There are still people lying under the rubble there," she said.

Buldan repeated her demand for the government to resign.

"You cannot govern this country, you are personally responsible for this outcome. We are dealing with a government where not even a single official resigns even though thousands of people have died. There is no need to shed crocodile tears, no one expects them to shed tears. Everyone has only one request: to resign as soon as possible," she said.

Ahmet Turk, another senior figure from the HDP said that the government not only remained inactive, but also prevented the people’s solidarity.

"If it were not for the obstacles of the state, we believe that our people could heal their wounds and keep many people alive by embracing each other in great solidarity. The government was absent and also prevented the NGOs from helping people. That led to an increase in the death toll,” he said.