Thousands of personnel from 65 countries in disaster areas for help

Thousands of personnel from 65 countries in disaster areas for help
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The world mobilized in support for Turkey

Countries around the world have sent search and rescue teams to help Turkey following a disastrous earthquake that claimed thousands of lives.

According to the information provided by Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority's (AFAD), as of 04:30 a.m. local time, 2,660 personnel from 65 countries were sent to the earthquake zone.


Germany has sent 41 people and seven rescue-dogs to Turkey with a private plane departed from Koln. Working with special rescue devices, the team was initially planned to stay in Turkey for 14 days.


A special rescue team from the Greek Special Disaster Response Unit (EMAK), consisting of 21 firefighters, two doctors, three emergency medical personnel and two search and rescue dogs was transferred to Turkey.


The United States appointed two separate fire departments’ personnel from Virginia and California as the Disaster Relief Response Team (DART) to help those who were trapped under the rubble in Turkey’s earthquake disaster.


Mexico has sent a team of 145 people, consisting of 93 personnel from the Defense Ministry, 37 from the navy and 15 from the Red Cross to help Turkey’s rescue efforts.


France directed two civil defense teams of 136 people to Turkey.


Russia, which has sent 100 rescue specialists to Turkey with 4 planes belonging to the Ministry of Health, also announced that it will also deliver a field hospital to the region, where 40 health experts will provide medical assistance.


Israel said that it will send two planes carrying basic humanitarian aid supplies, technical team and search and rescue teams to Turkey.


A team of 50 personnel and 25 tons of material have departed from Pakistan in support for Turkey.


India announced that two teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), consisting of trained search and rescue dogs and a hundred people equipped with special equipment, will be sent to the earthquake-affected areas.