Three Greek rescue volunteers detained in quake-hit Hatay

Three Greek rescue volunteers detained in quake-hit Hatay
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An association of lawyers has said that the three Greek nationals have been detained arbitrarily despite having entered Turkey legally.

A Turkish association of lawyers informed on Thursday that three Greek nationals who arrived in Turkey's earthquake-hit province of Hatay to support relief efforts were detained by the police.

The Progressive Lawyers Association (CHD) said on Twitter:

"We contacted the police upon information that Three Greek citizens who arrived in Turkey to join in the search and rescue operations in Hatay were detained. The police say the persons in question have been brought to the police station upon a report received, that the three Geek citizens are not actually in detention, and that it is only a process involving administrative action. We have learned, however, that not only have the three been denied release, but their mobile phones have also been seized for inspection."

It continued:

"This is effectively a detention process. Alexis, Takis and Michail entered the country in compliance with visa and passport procedures, and their detention in the headquarters of the foreigners department of the police is totally arbitrary. We will continue monitoring the process."

A short while later the association informed that the three Greek nationals have been taken to the Adana headquarters of the Directorate of Migration.

Mezopotamya News Agency said that the Greek volunteers, named Panagiotis Masouras, Alexandros Bazoras and Mihalis Panagiotopoulos, will be deported, adding that the reason of deportation has not yet been stated by the authorities.

Photo credit: Mezopotamya News Agency