UN: 8.8 million in Syria effected by earthquake

UN: 8.8 million in Syria effected by earthquake
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Trucks of Doctors Without Borders have entered territories under the control of armed factions on Sunday to assist in relief efforts.

United Nations Deputy Special Envoy for Syria Najat Rochdi said on Sunday that at least 8.8 million in Syria have been affected by the earthquake on 6 February, with most in need of humanitarian assistance.

"The UN is fully committed to doing more to help all Syrians," she added.

Around six thousand fatalities have been reported so far in Syria, a large part in the northwest where armed factions and jihadist groups are in control.

Sixteen cargo planes from the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Russia and Libya carrying aid for victims arrived at the airports of Damascus, Latakia and Aleppo on Saturday, Syrian state news agency SANA reported.

The aid consists of tents, blankets, clothes and food items, SANA said.


Medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said a convoy of 14 of its trucks entered on Sunday northwestern Syria, territories under the control of armed factions, to assist in relief operations, as concerns grow over lack of access to the war-ravaged area.

"These trucks are carrying relief items, like tents, to families affected by the earthquake. These items are not enough. The humanitarian response must be scaled up," MSF said on Twitter.