“Unidentified bodies not included in official data”

“Unidentified bodies not included in official data”
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Babacan said the number of fatalities will increase, the pain will grow

Unidentified bodies removed from the rubble were not included in official death toll data, said Ali Babacan, the leader of opposition Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA).

Visiting the earthquake zone in Southeastern Turkey on Thursday, "I'm sorry to say that the numbers will increase, the pain will grow every single day," Babacan said.

Two massive earthquakes have hit Turkey’s southeast on Monday, so far claiming at least 12,873 lives.

Babacan also said that Turkey fell short of managing this great disaster, Kronos reported.

“Rescue operations are being held at only one out of every 100 destroyed buildings. There is no activity in the others. People are waiting helplessly,” he said.

“There is also a great weakness in coordinating thee aid. There are serious problems in the most basic needs, such as water, food and hygiene materials,” Babacan said.

Despite the management problems over search and rescue efforts still strongly voiced across Turkey’s ten provinces hit by the earthquakes, Turkish President Recep Erdogan on Wednesday said the government has seized control of the situation.

“Although we had some difficulties on the first day, we seized control on the second day,” Erdogan said during a visit to Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of both earthquakes.

Following the tremors, the vast majority of the victims of the disaster are spending nights outside, under severe winter conditions.