“Mr. Erdogan; you are the one responsible of the disaster”

“Mr. Erdogan; you are the one responsible of the disaster”
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“They are not ashamed in the slightest, but I am ashamed on their behalf,” Aksener said, slamming the AKP government of not taking any responsibility of the disaster

Merel Aksener, the leader of Turkey’s opposition Good Party (IYIP) said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the “one” responsible of the earthquake disaster.

“It’s true, earthquakes are natural disasters. But the person responsible for this disastrous outcome of the earthquakes is Mr. Erdogan himself. It’s true, the epicenters of the earthquakes were Pazarcik and Islahiye. But the center of this great disaster caused by unqualified hands is Bestepe [the Presidential Palace]," Aksener said.

“It is this monstrous (presidential) system that paralyzes the institutions of the state and invites such disasters,” she said during a parliamentary address to IYIP lawmakers on Wednesday.

Aksener said after 24 years since the 1999 Marmara earthquake, Turkey faced not only the reality of the tremors, but the fact that no lessons were learned.

“We have come to terms with the fact that not only concrete blocks have rotted, but morality as well. We faced the bitter recipe of profiteering, corruption and theft,” she said.

According to Aksener, the governing power is the authority of responsibility. But in the AKP government, no one takes responsibility or gives account, she said, adding that not even a person has resigned.

“Shame on them. They are not ashamed in the slightest, but I am ashamed on their behalf,” she said.

“I am ashamed of this frivolity, brazenness, arrogance. I am ashamed of this incompetence, which leaves its citizens alone and helpless in the most difficult moment,” Aksener said.

“The reason we are exposed to all this is the one-man system that produces nothing but crisis and disaster. The sole man of this monstrous system, Mr. Erdogan who is equipped with unlimited authority, is in a state of great irresponsibility,” she said.

“Mr. Erdogan; You can look for a cover as much as you want for your own incompetence by saying that the earthquake was a ‘destiny’s plan’. You are the only responsible for this disaster, you. Because instead of serving our nation, you chose to enjoy the palace. Because instead of saving the lives of thousands of our people, you chose to distribute tenders to your supporters," Aksener said.

"Remember; during the speech you gave after the Bingol earthquake that took place in 2003, you said that ‘The earthquakes cannot be dismissed as fate’. Remember; you said that ‘Earthquake disaster is the result of mismanagement, all those responsible must be held accountable’. So what has changed since then,” Aksener asked.

IYIP leader also blamed the government of taking advantage of people's grievances and planning to turn this earthquake into a construction show and trying to create an election promise from this disaster.