17-year-old Kurdish man severely beaten in Afrin

17-year-old Kurdish man severely beaten in Afrin
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A local activist said that a young man called Hasan Muhammed Hamid was beaten because he was holding a flag of Kurdistan Region of Iraq, just days after four members of a family were killed after they lit a Newroz fire

A young Kurdish man named Hasan Muhammed Hamid was subjected to a brutal assault by an armed group in Afrin in Northern Syria, local activists said, days after Turkish-backed Islamist armed groups killed four members of a family in the city just because they celebrated Newroz on their roof.

The incident occurred on March 24 as the 17-year-old Hamid was returning from Jiindires, activist Mustafa Şêxo said.

Şêxo stated that the group had stopped Hamid and proceeded to beat him, leaving him with serious injuries that required hospitalization.

When asked about the motive behind the attack, Şêxo claimed that Hamid had been carrying a Kurdistan flag at the time, which could have been the reason for the assault.

This attack comes just days after another incident in Afrin where a Turkey-backed armed group known as Jaysh El Sharqiyya killed four members of a Kurdish family and injured two others who were celebrating the Newroz festival.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on Ankara to launch an independent and transparent investigation into the killings and said that the killings had taken place in the context of ongoing and unchecked human rights abuses by Turkish forces and their local Syrian allies.