A surge in brain drain: 229 more doctors set to leave Turkey in June

A surge in brain drain: 229 more doctors set to leave Turkey in June
Update: 06 July 2022 17:43
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Turkish Medical Association revealed that 1171 doctors in the first half of the year applied to get necessary documents to work abroad

More and more Turkish doctors give up on their homeland and set off for a new adventure abroad after they endure years of neglect, low wages and violence.

Turkish Medical Association (TTB) announced that 229 more doctors in June applied for a "good conduct certificate", a document necessary to work abroad, taking the total number of applications for the first half of the year to 1171. The association expects 1700 more doctors to go through the same process in the second half. 

“Trained physicians are fleeing abroad because of deprivation, violence and heavy workload. We want what we deserve, no more runaround” the association tweeted.

More than 100,000 doctors have been physically and verbally assaulted in the last 11 years and at least 10 have been killed by patients, TTB said ahead of a latest medical strike to protest harsh conditions in the country.

In March, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan targeted the disaffected doctors working in public hospitals and said “They say some of them have been leaving for private hospitals. Go if you want to. We can employ our newly graduates here.”