Activists start campaign for the release of two foreign women

Activists start campaign for the release of two foreign women
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Women’s rights groups demanded the release of an Azerbaijani and an Italian woman who were detained during demonstrations in Istanbul and transferred to deportation center

Activists in Turkey started a campaign on social media for the release of two foreign women who were detained during the demonstrations to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (November 25) and later sent to deportation center.

200 women were brutally detained in the evening of November 25 in Istanbul during the demonstrations but all of them were released in the early hours of the next day except two women of Italian and Azerbaijani nationalities.

November 25 Platform started a hashtag on Twitter saying #25KasımSınırDışıSebebiOlamaz (November 25 can not be a reason for deportation) and demanded immediate release of their fellow activists.

“The struggle against violence against women has no nationality!

Women who face the threat of deportation for participating in 25 November are waiting at the deportation center. Free the women!” said the Twitter account of the platform

Mezopotamya Agency reported that the two women were kept in a police station in the Karakoy district of Istanbul for two days and later transferred to the deportation center in Silivri.

Mezopotamya said the Azerbaijani woman had a residency permit and the Italian was a student who came to Turkey via Erasmus exchange program.