AFAD confiscates aid sent by Alevi foundations

AFAD confiscates aid sent by Alevi foundations
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Turkey’s Disaster Management Agency seized 500 tents, 1000 sleeping bags and 1000 blankets sent to a branch of Alevi Cultural Associations in Pazarcik district of Maras province

The Turkish Disaster Management Authority (AFAD) on Thursday confiscated relief goods sent to Turkish earthquake victims by Alevi foundations abroad.

The confiscated goods included 500 tents, 1,000 sleeping bags and 1,000 blankets destined for the branch of the Alevi cultural associations in Narli in the Pazarcik district of Maras.

Tahir Ortac, head of the Narlı branch of the Alevi cultural associations, said that after AFAD confiscated the material, it delivered 100 tents that were of worse quality than those sent to them.

"When I arrived there (AFAD) in the morning, there were no blankets and sleeping bags. They only gave us 100 tents. Each of the tents they sent us was worth 3000 euros. The tents we got have nothing to do with them," he said.

He added:

"The tents provided to us are makeshift, they lack material, they are in a miserable condition. And the tents that are supposed to be distributed to the public are now in their camps. People are trying to get them on their own. Stores and factories where people work are closed or in ruins. Under these conditions, the tents provided by AFAD are inadequate. Workers, villagers and the general population cannot afford to buy tents due to financial difficulties, and there is no place to buy tents."

In Turkey, Alevis are the most important religious group outside Sunni Islam. They make up an estimated 15-25% of the population. The AKP government continues to deny the group equal rights.