AKP steps up calls for new constitution; hinting at possible referendum

AKP steps up calls for new constitution; hinting at possible referendum
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The ruling party proposes a "modern and civilian constitution tailored to Turkey's century".

Bahadir Yenisehirlioglu, deputy chairman of Turkey's ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party), has reiterated President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's call for a constitutional reform. "We are ready to exhaust all possibilities. If necessary, we will appeal to our nation," Yenisehirlioglu said, hinting at the possibility of a referendum.

Speaking to members of the press in Manisa, Yenisehirlioglu outlined the party's goals: "We want to open a new chapter by achieving the desired results in the local elections." He emphasized that a demanding schedule lies ahead in the upcoming parliamentary session.

Yenisehirlioglu stressed the need for a "modern and civilian constitution tailored to Turkey's century," noting that one of the main items on the legislative agenda would be the drafting of this new constitution.

"In the 28th parliamentary term, we will strive to create a completely civilian constitution that will increase the tranquility of our country, increase the prosperity of our people, strengthen the rule of law, promote pluralism, justice and fairness, and ensure the freedoms of every citizen. This constitution will aim to inspire our youth about their future. In essence, our goal is to present our nation with a constitution that is worthy of the Turkish century. We are committed to exploring every possible avenue. If we encounter obstacles, we will turn to our people for guidance," he elaborated.

Yenisehirlioglu stressed the incompatibility of Turkey's current constitution with its forward-looking aspirations, adding, "The Republic of Turkey, which is about to enter a new era with its vision of the 'Turkish Century,' shouldn't be governed by a constitution that was born out of a coup. That's why, in the coming period, we will work diligently to replace the 1982 Constitution, a relic of past putschists, with a progressive, civilian, democratic constitution that is worthy of our Republic's centennial".