Aksener's move "life ring" for Erdogan: Journalist Dundar

Aksener's move "life ring" for Erdogan: Journalist Dundar
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The accusing remarks by Good Party leader Aksener against the other five parties in the opposition bloc and her apparent withdrawal from the bloc sparked floods of comments on social media.

Nationalist opposition Good Party's withdrawal from the opposition bloc on Friday were met with all kinds of reactions on social media in Turkey as three hashtags, yaziklarolsun ("shame on you"), meralakSener (name of Good Party leader) and Masa Yikildi ("The Table Collapsed") have quickly become the top three trending ones in Twitter.

Good Party's leader accused on Friday the other five opposition leaders of being involved in "personal agendas and ambitions" after they proposed a day before to nominate Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), as the bloc's presidential candidate in the coming elections. While Aksener did not explain why she was objecting to the nomination of Kilicdaroglu, she said the bloc, known as the Table of Six, no longer reflects the expectations of people in its decision.

Journalists contributed to floods of comments on Twitter.

Can Dundar, who has been living as a political refugee in Germany, said:

"Three birds with one stone. Not only has she brought down the table, but she is also trying to split CHP. Life ring for Erdogan."

Journalist Hakki Ozdal said:

"Today the Good Party had to take the lid off the activity it is occupied with, consisting of various operations ranging from intelligence to counterguerilla, from the works of a bunch of incompetent academicians to those of adolescent trolls, which have been going on for some time now on a discredited path. This activity now seeks the continuance of the Erdogan era under a new image."

Implying that Good Party's withdrawal from the opposition bloc had something to do with a reaction to the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party's (HDP) expressed support for the nomination of Kilicdaroglu, Burcu Karakas from Deutsche Welle (DW) Turkish said:

"We once again witness where hatred against Kurds may take one to. Continuation is essential for the state."

Journalist Kemal Goktas said:

"What a strange political attitude, five parties reach a consensus on a candidate, you sidestep, then you call that table 'gambling table, notary's table.' Furthermore, you call on two members [Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu and Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavas] of one the parties at that table [CHP] to 'challenge their party's leadership and nominate themselves.' The Good Party is now on a path to political suicide."