Arrested Turkish gang leader reportedly purchases upscale villa and car for prominent judge

Arrested Turkish gang leader reportedly purchases upscale villa and car for prominent judge
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In the wake of gang leader Ayhan Bora Kaplan's arrest, allegations of luxurious gifts to judiciary officials stir controversy, deepening former Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu's distress and connections to the scandal

A notorious leader of a Turkish gang who was recently put behind bars ano known for his close ties with former Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, allegedly have purchased a luxurious villa and an upscale vehicle for a high-ranking judiciary member, Turkish journalist Tolga Sardan reported on Tuesday.

Reports are suggesting that the arrest of Ayhan Bora Kaplan, the leader of the Kaplan gang, and his revelations have deeply unsettled Soylu, who interprets the operation against the Kaplan gang as a targeted attack on him.

In recent years, Kaplan has been a figure of significant concern in Turkey's capital Ankara, with rumors circulating about his connections with police, politicians, and judiciary members. The latest development in his arrest has brought new details to the fore. During his interrogation, Kaplan reportedly divulged certain information regarding his "connections," journalist Sardan wrote.

Of significant note is the claim that he purchased a villa and a luxury car for a prominent judiciary official. The discomfort of Soylu, who perceives the operation against the Kaplan gang as an attack against himself, has been highlighted.

Columnist Tolga Sardan also shed light on the anxiety simmering among several individuals in the wake of Kaplan's arrest. In his column published on T24, Sardan noted that those who once boldly associated with Kaplan, including public servants and politicians, are now fearing a knock on their doors as the tide turns against them.

Providing insight into the alleged acquisitions, Sardan detailed: "According to the information I have obtained within the scope of the investigation, it is claimed that Kaplan recently purchased a villa and a luxury car for a high-ranking judiciary member with whom he was in contact. It is stated that the villa is located in Cayyolu, and the car was bought from a company on the Esenboga Airport road.

The amount Kaplan paid for the luxury car is known to be 450,000 liras, approximately half the price of the vehicle at the time of purchase. The payment for the car was allegedly facilitated through the secretary of a private hospital owner operating in Ankara."

In the unfolding scandal, another incident involving a night club owned by Kaplan in Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara, also resurfaced. The club, known as "Album and Tren", was a hotspot for high-profile judiciary members, police chiefs, and bureaucrats during its operational days. On one such night, the son of the well-known Sadik Soylu, who is the nephew of Suleyman Soylu, was reportedly assaulted following a disagreement with the bouncers at the club. Following the incident, three bouncers were allegedly shot in the foot at the establishment, with Kaplan purported to be the shooter. The case remains unsolved in police records as a "unknown perpetrator" incident.

In addition, Sardan raises several questions regarding wiretaps conducted on Kaplan and his associates in 2019, which were not converted into a criminal investigation at the time, urging scrutiny into potential obstructions and the promotions of officials who remained silent during that period.

The shocking developments have seemingly unsettled the former Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. Recent social media activities suggest Soylu finds himself deeply distressed by the unfolding events, even interpreting the news coverage of the gang investigation as a direct attack on him. As the situation evolves, the public and authorities await further disclosures and developments, with many concerned about potential replacements for the dismantled networks in the political landscape.