Bahceli: Those who question the gas find should be cut off the grid

Bahceli: Those who question the gas find should be cut off the grid
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MHP leader Devlet Bahceli suggested that politicians and journalists who did not believe in Erdogan’s good news about the natural gas discovery should not be able to use the gas

Those who question Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's words concerning the 1 trillion dollars worth of natural gas find should be denied gas, and they should be cut off from the grid, ultranationalist MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) leader Devlet Bahceli said on Wednesday.

Targeting politicians and journalists in a series of tweets, "Let's see if the gas is a lie or the cold is too harsh?" Bahceli asked, distorting a proverb which means something along the lines of “We will see who will win.”

“It is our nation's right to see and follow closely how those who do not respect the discovery of natural gas will cope with the cold that freezes them to the marrow,” he said.

On Monday, President Erdogan ushered in that a new gas field was located in the Black Sea and a previous find was revised higher, making the total volume amount to 710 billion cubic meters.

But the opposition looked at the good news with suspicion. "It has been 20 years since they repeatedly found the gas. But the gas is never put into service. Does anyone really believe this lie?" said CHP’s (Republican People’s Party) Engin Ozkoc.

Bahceli reacted angrily:

“It is necessary to see how the cut-off will go along in harmony with their slanderous tongues and trembling bodies of some politicians and journalists when they meet the cold.”

Bahceli also accused the critics to be “the servants of foreign countries who were disturbed and dissatisfied with Turkey's vigorous and conscious rise.”