Bakers union leader jailed after saying “bread is for the fools”

Bakers union leader jailed after saying “bread is for the fools”
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Cihan Kolivar had been taken into custody on charges of "inciting the public to hatred and enmity" but the investigation turned into “insulting the President”

The chair of the Union of Bread Bakery Owners of Turkey has been jailed pending trial on Wednesday over his remarks about bread being a source of nutrition for the fools in a live interview with Turkish Haberturk TV.

"Bread is the basic source of nutrition in societies of lower intelligence (...) The average consumption per person in our country is 210 kg while it is 50 kg in Sweden, Norway and Japan. We have the same political administration for 20 years because our people feed on bread," Cihan Kolivar had said, who was detained after being accused by the officials from the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) of "insulting the nation and the bread."

However a court arrested him on charges of “insulting the President.”

Kolivar’s lawyer said that another investigation has been added to his file from his past social media posts. 

“The investigation launched with the accusation of inciting 'the public to hatred and enmity' turned into insulting the president and this was shown as the referral item for the arrest,” lawyer Bilge Ciftci said. 

Kolivar had said in his police statement that his words were misunderstood.

"As a person from the Black Sea region, I do not have the character to insult the Turkish nation," he said. 

Kolivar’s son decried his father’s arrest saying the court found another excuse to jail his father.

“Everyone should think the same way, everyone should say the same thing... If there is such a country in the world, let’s go and live there,” Kerem Kolivar said.