Batches of marijuana captured in funeral car of AKP-led municipality

Batches of marijuana captured in funeral car of AKP-led municipality
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The funeral car's driver has claimed that he did not have any knowledge of the almost 6 kg marijuana placed inside four coffins.

It has been only recently brought to light that a substantial quantity of marijuana had been found inside four coffins that were being transported by a funeral car of a municipal administration in Turkey's southern province of Adana about a year ago.

The driver of the funeral car was traveling with his two children when he was stopped by the police on 21 November 2021, and was arrested upon the seizure of drugs in the car, ANKA news agency reported on Sunday.

About 6 kg of marijuana was captured in the funeral car that belonged to the municipal administration of Yuregir district, under the control of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), ANKA noted. A further 760 gr was later found in police search at the driver's residence.

The urinalysis and blood test of the driver revealed presence of amphetamine and methamphetamine, but no marijuana, which was assessed by investigators to indicate that the driver did not carry marijuana for self-consumption.

The driver said he had the marijuana at home for self-consumption, but had no information about the batches in the funeral car. He claimed that his adversaries might have placed the marijuana in the funeral car, then tipped the police.

The prosecution has asked for a minimum prison term of 10 years for the driver.