Bribery scandal rocks Turkey as 2nd Erdogan aide resigns from office

Bribery scandal rocks Turkey as 2nd Erdogan aide resigns from office
Update: 31 August 2022 13:17
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The revelations by the mob boss Sedat Peker about the corrupt network surrounding the Turkish stock exchange forced Korkmaz Karaca from the Presidency Office to resign from duty

A mob boss in exile who shook the Turkish political elite since May last year removed yet another actor from the Erdogan administration as he revealed a bombshell bribery scandal surrounding the Turkish financial institutions. 

Korkmaz Karaca, a top economic aide to President Tayyip Erdogan, resigned from office after mob boss Sedat Peker revealed he was part of a bribe scheme that forced private companies to pay extreme amounts of money to get necessary documents from the capital markets board.

"I promise to fight with all my might as a simple soldier in the journey of the AK Party and our esteemed President,” Karaca said, in a statement of resignation. 

On Sunday, Erdogan’s advisor Serkan Taranoglu also resigned after Peker claimed that he conspired to provide the needy companies credibility to enable them launch public offerings.

Businesswoman Mine Tozlu Sineren, who according to Peker refused to pay a bribe to the network, confirmed the allegations Saturday on TV, and said, “I have reported it to state institutions every time, but I have not received a response."

Sedat Peker claimed that Taranoglu told Sineren, "The President's Advisor named Korkmaz Karaca also wants to contact you to settle your problem, do not contact him, he will ask you for a lot of money."

Sedat Peker had previously claimed that Karaca was also paid by Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, a shady Turkish businessman who was arrested in Austria and extradited to the US for charges of fraud and money laundering.