Buldan: Impunity policy comforts mining companies

Buldan: Impunity policy comforts mining companies
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Lack of control, impunity, and the greed for profit led to miners’ death, as it did in the previous mine disasters, HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan said

"This is definitely not an accident, it is a blatant murder” HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Co-Chair Pervin Buldan said on the explosion that rocked the state-owned coal mine on Friday that claimed 41 lives in Turkey’s northern town of Amasra. 

Buldan said the policy of impunity in previous mine disasters led to encouragement as seen in 2014 in Soma, where the officials who were responsible for the death of 301 miners were protected by the government. 

“The reason for the loss of lives is lack of control, impunity, and the greed for profit. We witness how the ruling mentality of the AKP-MHP government has turned this country into a workers' graveyard. In 1 year 1359 workers lost their lives,” Buldan said. 

Buldan said Turkish Hard Coal Enterprise, the state institution running the coal mine, was warned about the risks identified in the audits of the Court of Accounts, but the necessary measures were not taken. 

“The worker's life can be diminished, but the profit should not decrease! This is the mentality of this government.”

Buldan also lambasted President Erdogan’s self-praise for reaching the bodies of miners in less than 24 hours. 

“41 people lost their lives, you are counting the time to reach them! At least don't talk, shut up, respect the loss of so many people! (...) Shame on you!" she said. 

The disinformation law is based on lies

Buldan also criticized the government’s newly passed “disinformation law” which brings prison 1 to 3 years of prison sentence to people  “disseminate false news on social media.”

“Supposedly, the public îs dragged into anxiety and panic because of fake news. Of course, this is a lie. This law itself is a text full of lies. The real concern is their grab on power. They are afraid that they will lose, they are afraid that the truth will come to light. They take precautions in their own way so that corruption and bribery are not exposed before the elections,” she said.