CNN Turk's host and her guest show how a "hug of sorrow" should be

CNN Turk's host and her guest show how a "hug of sorrow" should be
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The hug between Good Party leader and Istanbul Mayor has been subjected to criticism by a TV host and her guest who said it is not a hug that expresses sincere sorrow.

The host and her guest in a live broadcast in Turkey's CNN Turk criticized a hug between an opposition party leader and Istanbul Mayor after a shocking court ruling against the latter, saying the hug was insincere and did not reflect feelings of sorrow over the court decision.

Hande Firat and her guest Melik Yigitel then showed the audience how an appropriate "hug of sorrow" ought to be.

Meral Aksener, the leader of the Good Party, rushed from Ankara to Istanbul on Wednesday to express her solidarity with Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu after a court's verdict to sentence him to almost three years in prison was announced.

Upon entering his room, Aksener hugged Imamoglu tightly before the cameras with a smile on her face that reflected defiance of the court's decision and solidarity with Istanbul Mayor.

CNN Turk's host Hande Firat and Melik Yigitel, who works for government media 24 TV, said on Thursday that it was not a sorrowful hug.

Yigitel then got up to demonstrate on Firat how the hug should have been if Aksener and Imamoglu had truly felt sorrow.

CNN Turk has been turned into a government media after its takeover by Demiroren Group in 2018.