Cult leader denies accusations, blames her daughter’s psychology

Cult leader denies accusations, blames her daughter’s psychology
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Father Yusuf Ziya Gumusel claimed her daughter went to the house of Kadir Istekli “only for religious lessons” when she was a child

Two cult leaders involved in the organized pedophile case that shook Turkey for the last two weeks rejected accusations and blamed the “psychology” of a young women who said she suffered rape and abuse all through her her childhood after she was “married off” by her father when she was six years old.

Father Yusuf Ziya Gumusel from the Ismailaga cult said in his police testimony before being jailed that he did not solemnize her daughter H.K.G. when she was a child, but when she was 17 years old.

The story of H.K.G exploded in Turkey when Birgun newspaper published the news story of a lawsuit where she provided a photo of herself in a wedding dress when she was six years old along with a voice recording with her “husband” during which he confessed years of abuse.

Gumusel said the “wedding dress” was a gift from him to her daughter and claimed she only went to Kadir Istekli’s house for lessons.

“My daughter was going to Kadir Istekli with other children, under my control. His older brother was also with her,” he said.

Gumusel said he knows that “her daughter started seeing a psychiatrist six months ago.”

“No arrest warrant was issued at first. I could not understand why that changed,” he said.

Kadir Istekli, who was also arrested and put to jail along with Gumusel also denied accusations.

"The trial date was first recorded for the month of May. Then it moved to January. I went and surrendered myself, after an arrest warrant was issued," Istekli said.