Danish twins stuck in Turkey over dental complications

Danish twins stuck in Turkey over dental complications
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After paying two clinics over 18,000 euros, two Danish women suffer painful mouth and teeth deformities, articulation problems, and have difficulty eating.

Days after the UK government issued a Turkey travel warning regarding medical tourism, two Danish citizens told Turkish news agency DHA that they have been stuck in Istanbul over dental complications following treatment at two clinics, and after spending more than 18,000 euros.

Danish twins Alicia Nicolajsen and Melissa Petersen arrived in Istanbul on 31 October to have dental treatment in a clinic, involving layering and crowns.

Upon suffering mouth infections after the treatment, they started looking for a solution and decided to go under treatment at another clinic in the city.

After sessions that have taken almost a month, Nicolajsen has had teeth deformities, and Petersen had tooth gum recession, lost teeth, and articulation problems.

The twins have payed a total of 18,566 euros to the two clinics for treatments that were supposed to take only 10 days.

Alicia Nicolajsen said:

"We were not able to eat for a while, and we lost eight kilos. My sister is not able to even close her mouth. First, I thought my teeth were fine, but then I've started having problems. I feel a lot of pain, and I will have to have a treatment all over again. When I close my mouth, it feels like something is wrong with the structure, and it's very painful."

She added that they could have treatment in Denmark with the money they spent.

Melissa Petersen said:

"First of all, my voice has changed. There is a hissing sound when I talk. The shape of my chin has changed. I've been effected both mentally and economically. I have artificial teeth now, and I no longer have my natural voice. It is difficult to eat, it hurts my tongue. I cannot smile anymore, I either look down when I'm outside, or I wear a mask."