Dawn raids against pro-Kurdish party across Turkey

Dawn raids against pro-Kurdish party across Turkey
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Democratic Regions Party defied oppression as police raided its party buildings in several cities

Police detained scores of Pro-Kurdish Democratic Regions Party senior executives including its Co-Chair Keskin Bayindir in dawn raids in several cities across Turkey, increasing the pressure on Kurdish politicians, Mezopotamya news agency reported.

“You have already seen that you cannot intimidate us with oppression, detentions and political genocide operations. You will not see a single Kurd bowing to fascism and taking a step back, your political life will not be enough for this,” DBP said on Twitter, along with a video showing Bayindir being taken into custody in southeastern city of Diyarbakir by two police officers who twisted his arm to prevent him from making a victory sign.

Lawyers said three other senior party members were detained in Diyarbakir as part of an ongoing investigation against Bayindir.

The DBP is a Kurdish political party operating mainly in Turkey’s southeast cities in fraternity with Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) who conducts politics nationwide.

Many deputies from the HDP came to the headquarters of the DBP to show support as police continued its search inside the building.

Mezopotamya reported that police also detained provincial heads of the party in Van, Urfa, Antep and Mardin.

Police also continue an extensive search in the party building in Turkey’s capital Ankara.