Demirtas had his hair shaved to support Iranian women

Demirtas had his hair shaved to support Iranian women
Update: 23 September 2022 19:07
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Jailed Kurdish leader sent a letter saying the responsibility to resist to oppressive regimes did not only fall on women

Jailed Kurdish leader Selahattin Demirtas shaved his hair on Friday in support of women in Iran who have been protesting over a week the killing of a young woman in detention because her hair was showing under her hijab. 

Mahsa Amini a 22 year old Kurdish woman was taken into custody by the morality police hours before she died in a hospital last week. 

While the Iranian officials alleged that she fell into a coma following her arrest because of a heart attack and brain seizure, her brother said that she was carried out of the police station shortly after screams were heard from inside.

Basak Demirtas, wife of the former Co-Chair of HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) wrote on Twitter that Demirtas and his ward mate Selcuk Mizrakli, former Diyarbakir had their hair shaved to join women demonstrators in Iran who cut their hair in public and burned their veils. 

Demirtas posted a photo of a letter signed by his husband saying “We feel deep in our hearts the pain of Mahsa Amini, who was massacred because a strand of her hair showed.”

Demirtas had his hair shaved to support Iranian women

“Resisting oppression and persecution is not a responsibility that falls on only women. We shaved our heads to support the women's brave struggle for equality and authenticity,” the letter read. 

Demirtas concluded his letter: “All oppressive and tyranny regimes will 

come down when people resist. Salute to those who resist.”