Demirtas: Opposition should debate adopting a new position

Demirtas: Opposition should debate adopting a new position
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The HDP’s former Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas said that the earthquake not only revealed the inadequacy of the government but also the solidarity of the people. Now the opposition should adopt a new stance to build on this solidarity spirit, he said

“Despite politicians hesitating to even sit side by side at tables, people reached out to help immediately after the earthquake, regardless of party, identity, or creed. This fact is a lesson for all politicians,” said imprisoned Kurdish leader Selahattin Demirtas, and added that now the opposition as a whole should discuss a new political stance in its struggle against the ruling bloc.

In a written interview with the news website T24, Demirtas said that the solidarity of the people after the earthquake clearly shows the failure of the government's policy of social polarization, which has been systematically pursued for years and has not caused lasting damage and impact in the hearts of the people.

Asked whether the opposition could unite around a joint candidate for the presidential election on the basis of this solidarity, Demirtas said, "Based on the fact that this new situation has arisen, the entire opposition should discuss a new stance"

He added:

"Unfortunately, the social basis to build Turkey's future with a common and cooperative democracy has emerged from suffering. In order to remain faithful to the memory of those we lost in the earthquake, no one should pursue discriminatory, exclusionary and categorizing policies. Those who exclude AKP-MHP voters are also wrong, just like those who exclude opposition voters."

Demirtas also commented on the debate about postponing the elections:

"To postpone an election is to make a coup. The people will do what happened to the coup plotters, just like on July 15, the people have the right to resist. Everyone should decide, no one should emulate the putschists. It is not the political parties that make elections, it is the people. Therefore, elections are the right of the people, not the politicians."