"Does anyone know where Erdogan is?"

"Does anyone know where Erdogan is?"
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Former Co-Chair of the HDP slammed “the ineptitude, incompetence and shame” of the government over the inadequate search and rescue operations

Imprisoned Kurdish leader Selahattin Demirtas published a series of proposals for managing search and rescue efforts related to the earthquake. "85 million have become one heart and are trying to save their brothers by overcoming the clumsiness, incompetence and shame of one-man rule," he said

Here are his proposals:

1 - We congratulate all those who were mobilized from the first moment of the disaster and participated in the rescue, relief and solidarity actions. It was a very difficult day. Your efforts are very valuable, thank you, stay alive. However, more needs to be done, because tens of thousands of people are still under the rubble.

2- 85 million have become one heart and are trying to save their brothers by overcoming the ineptitude, incompetence and shame of the one-man rule.

3- Mobilization should have been declared in the first place, it can still be done. There are hundreds of buildings that are not yet being worked on. All the construction machines of the big construction companies that have been sucking the blood out of people's veins for years should have been confiscated and sent to the earthquake area, it is still possible.

4- All roads leading into the earthquake zone should have been closed to the passage of civilian vehicles, and only rescue and relief teams should have been allowed to pass, it is still possible.

5- The AFAD president should have organized the volunteers and brought them to the earthquake area instead of giving IBAN hourly and rushing to collect money. It can still be done. Will the money you have collected since yesterday save our brothers under the rubble!

6-The president should not leave the coordination center even for a minute.

He should be informing the public, making warnings and announcements, and giving morale to the public. Does anyone know where he is?

7-Our brothers, whose cries we heard last night from the rubble, call everyone to solidarity and to act with common wisdom. Please, with more solidarity and more coordination, let us at least save our brothers and sisters whom we can save today.