Demirtas: They are trying to justify the State of Emergency by provoking xenophobia

Demirtas: They are trying to justify the State of Emergency by provoking xenophobia
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Selahattin Demirtas warned against rising xenophobic sentiment after the earthquake. Demirtas, who said “suffering has no factionalism,” noted that there is an attempt to provoke xenophobia and incite internal turmoil to justify the State of Emergency.

Arti Gercek reports that Selahattin Demirtas, former Co-Chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) who remains imprisoned in Edirne, reacted to the increasing inflammatory statements targeting immigrants using his social media platform and called the public to be conscientious. Demirtas, who said, “suffering has no factionalism,” warned that the social media posts would be used to provoke xenophobia and turn it into internal turmoil to form a justification for the State of Emergency.

Demirtas said the following in his social media posts:

  • The spirit of solidarity is so strong among the public that it gives hope to every human being. But there are also those that are disturbed by this. For example, racists and people who have no policy beyond engaging in polarizing politics.” That is, people who have no share of humanity,
  • And dirty political factions who would not know how to exist without evaporating this spirit of solidarity have begun their provocations. A racist fool irresponsibly targets others, trying to create chaos, and not a single government official, including the Minister of the Interior says a thing. Is it not odd?


  • No, it is not. Because they wish to point to their own regime as the only safe haven by manufacturing in the public anxiety and fear for their safety. There was no justification for the state of emergency. Now, they are trying to justify the State of Emergency by inciting xenophobia and turning it into an internal conflict.
  • Please heed my warnings. No matter what anyone does, no matter what provocations are made, never lose the spirit of solidarity and brotherhood today. They wouldn't care if 5 million people died if it meant protecting their regime. What happens will only be at the cost of the public and the country.


  • What we have to do is very easy. Do not be fooled by racist fascists, do not spread their delusions. Like today, help solidarity grow with each hour. Never forget that all 85 million of us are under the rubble, that suffering has no identity, has no factionalism.
  • Never listen to anyone, no matter who it is, who tries to provoke us and foster enmity between us by separating us from our identity as human beings. We have seen it all together. Does solidarity, cooperation, fraternity, not inspire so much hope? Only in this way will our pain be alleviated a little.
  • A thousand greetings to everyone involved in this glorious solidarity. We are saving not only our present, but also our future. Despite those who try to create bigger calamities our of each disaster, continue to stand in solidarity, continue, continue, continue…