Demirtas warns against smear campaign by "Taliban Alliance"

Demirtas warns against smear campaign by "Taliban Alliance"
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Former HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas has warned against a dangerous "Taliban alliance" formed by the Turkish ruling bloc with two Islamist parties

Imprisoned Kurdish leader Selahattin Demirtas has accused Turkey's ruling bloc of forming a "Taliban alliance" following its agreement with two Islamist parties, warning that this poses a significant threat to the country, especially to women, unless the opposition takes appropriate action against it.

According to Demirtas, the alliance is the most far-right and reactionary bloc in Turkey's political history, and he demanded that opposition parties also draw attention to the dangers of this alliance.

Demirtas warned that the "Taliban Alliance" is likely to conduct a smear campaign and perception operations during the election season, with the pro-Kurdish HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) as its main target. He called on the HDP to be careful and convey its program and solutions to the public in a calm and logical manner.

He also pointed out that there are also factions in the opposition that regard the HDP as an enemy.

“These minds, navigating between nationalism, racism and fascism, think that Turkey is their father's property. It gives them goosebumps when they hear the word "Kurd". They would prefer to continue with Erdogan if it was up to them. These minds, so contaminated with racism that they would prefer the Taliban instead of a democratic, peace-loving, and equal life-altering Kurd, do not yet realize that they will be the biggest losers in the election.”

Demirtas said that the opposition should instead focus on concrete solutions for issues such as urban development, the economy, democracy, justice, agriculture, livestock, tourism, education, and health care.

Demirtas expressed confidence that the opposition would emerge victorious in both presidential and parliamentary elections, but he cautioned against complacency and emphasized the need for everyone to participate actively in the campaign. He also urged women to take the lead in the election, as the Taliban alliance has expressed a desire to curtail women's rights.

He noted that Turkey could either resemble Afghanistan or Switzerland in the coming years, depending on the outcome of the election.