Disney’s animated movie banned in Turkey due to LGBTQIA+

Disney’s animated movie banned in Turkey due to LGBTQIA+
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The latest animated movie of Disney production company titled “Strange World” will not be screened in Turkey along with 14 other countries due to a gay character in the story

The implicit ban came after Disney, known for its classic animated films such as Cars, Toy Story and The Incredibles, decided to remove the movie altogether from some countries which the company thought would request certain scenes to be cut.

The film is basically an action movie that revolves around the adventures of a family named Claude, but Ethan, one of the boys in the family, says that he likes another boy.

“We want to present the stories in their original form in the countries we serve. We can not screen this movie in some countries because it would be unfair to change or cut movies for each country," Disney officials said.

In Turkey, authorities change the age limits of movies where real people appear which include LGBTIQA+ content, while in animated films, these scenes are usually requested to be cut or changed.

The movie will not be screened in Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Maldives, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Last year, famous director Steven Spielberg's musical movie "West Side Story", Netflix's new movie "If I Had the Present Mind" and Disney's animation Luca were also banned in Turkey.