Erdogan on coal mine explosion: We believe in destiny

Erdogan on coal mine explosion: We believe in destiny
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“These things will always happen,” Turkey’s President Erdogan said

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan changed his agenda on Saturday and visited Turkey's northern town of Bartin, where a mine explosion claimed 41 lives on Friday evening. 

After investigating the site with officials accompanying him in the mine that belongs to a state company, Erdogan made a statement emphasizing  "destiny."

“We believe in the plan of destiny, there is no yesterday, today or tomorrow. These things will always happen," Erdogan said.  

He also said that the number of workers who were killed in the blast increased to 41, and a total of 11 wounded workers were under treatment in hospitals.

Erdogan said an investigation into the incident was currently underway, adding: “We no longer want to see any deficiencies or unnecessary risks in our mines.”

Turkey is making all necessary efforts to “bury mining accidents in history” by “using all the capabilities of technology,” Erdogan said. 

Erdogan also said state funding would be made for the families of miners who lost their lives in the disaster.