Erdogan says CHP a national security problem

Erdogan says CHP a national security problem
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Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan claimed the main opposition CHP supported terrorism

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan accused once more the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) of supporting terrorism saying “CHP is a national security problem.”

CHP has become the target of a major offensive rhetoric by the ruling block after an armed attack at a police facility in Turkey’s southern city of Mersin killed a police officer and wounded another. 

One assailant who was also killed during the attack was identified by the police as Dilsah Ercan, who was listed as one of the arrested journalists in a human rights report published by the CHP ten years ago. 

Erdogan immediately blamed the CHP among other political actors, journalists and foreign countries. 

"No matter which terrorist you follow, you end up reaching the HDP, the CHP, journalists, politicians, NGO representatives, or Western countries,” he said.

Even though CHP figures denied allegations saying all those listed in the report at thi time had press cards, Erdogan continued his attack against CHP in a special interview with Turkey’s Cnn Turk TV. 

"These are the terrorists that they defended to in fabricated reports they published to defame Turkey. CHP is a national security problem,” Erdogan said. 

"We will never hesitate to turn our efforts into a comprehensive counter-terrorism operation when we deem necessary and appropriate,"  he concluded.