Erdogan talks man out of committing suicide

Erdogan talks man out of committing suicide
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Government media has noted that it was not the first time the Turkish President intervened to save a desperate man, but the second time in the last seven years.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan persuaded a man not to commit suicide on his way to a ceremony in Istanbul on Friday.

According to government media Akit, Erdogan "stopped his motorcade when he noticed a man trying to commit suicide, convinced the man out of it, then sent him home."

Turkish state agency AA said, "President Erdogan talked a citizen out of committing suicide and instructed officials to tend to him."

TGRT, another government media, noted that this was the second time Erdogan was stopping a suicide attempt. It recalled:

"On 25 December 2015, while he was passing through the bridge, he saw a man named Vezir Catras attempting to commit suicide and instantly ordered the driver to stop. He then intervened to prevent the suicide. Vezir Catras was recently unemployed and he was faced with financial difficulties. He and his wife Ozge had started quarreling. This was the reason why he was on the bridge. He then got recruited by a public institution on the President's instructions."

After his more recent intervention on the bridge, Erdogan went on with his schedule and spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the third of four MILGEM corvette ships manufactured by Turkey for the Pakistan Navy at the Istanbul Shipyard.

He reiterated in his speech that they will continue to fight all kinds of terror within or outside the borders of the country.