Erzurum businessman detained for insulting Ataturk

Erzurum businessman detained for insulting Ataturk
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Haci Mustafa Atmaca faces charges after controversial remarks on live broadcast.

Haci Mustafa Atmaca, the owner of "Ucler Doner" in Erzurum, has been detained following a live broadcast on TikTok, where he used insulting language against Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. Atmaca, who has a substantial following of 650,000 on his TikTok account, engaged in a heated argument with a follower during the live session.

While discussing the historical transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey, Atmaca made derogatory remarks aimed at Ataturk, stating, "The Ottoman Empire did not lose lands; those dogs who brought secularism lost lands." The term "secularism" here refers to one of the foundational principles of the Turkish Republic established by Ataturk.

Atmaca expressed contentious views regarding territorial claims and historical events, saying, "You will leave; this is our land. We will also go to Arabia to fight. Both here and Yemen and Jerusalem are our lands. You will go to Israel. The Ottomans did not lose those lands; those dogs called secularists lost those lands. The dogs that brought secularism, they lost." These statements immediately sparked significant backlash and public outcry.

In response to the uproar, teams from the Erzurum Security Directorate Security Branch Directorate took Atmaca into custody on charges of "insulting Atatürk."

Insulting Ataturk's memory is a criminal offense under Turkish law, and those found guilty can face serious consequences.

As the situation unfolds, it has been reported that Atmaca's legal procedures are ongoing at the police station.