European Parliament Rapporteur condemns Turkish Court's ruling

European Parliament Rapporteur condemns Turkish Court's ruling
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Nacho Sánchez Amor, the EP's Turkey Rapporteur, deems the judicial crisis over MP Can Atalay's rights violation case "surreal" and cautions Ankara on judicial independence.

The European Parliament's Turkey Rapporteur, Nacho Sánchez Amor, has publicly criticized the decision of the 3rd Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeals in Turkey. The court recently refused to abide by the Turkish Constitutional Court's ruling regarding the violation of rights of the TIP (Workers' Party of Turkey) Hatay MP, Can Atalay, further escalating to the filing of a criminal complaint against the AYM members who supported Atalay's justified application.

Taking to social media to express his concerns, Amor did not mince words when describing the situation unfolding within the Turkish judiciary. "It is surreal that the Court of Cassation refused to comply with the Constitutional Court ruling on MP Can Atalay and filed criminal complaints against members of the Constitutional Court," he stated. This move by the Court of Appeals triggered what Amor called an "unprecedented institutional crisis." It has "confirmed all the concerns about Turkey's judiciary that the Council of Europe and the European Union have raised for years."

The rapporteur's remarks underscore the growing unease within European circles regarding the state of judicial independence in Turkey. The refusal of a superior court to follow a constitutional court's verdict signifies a potential undermining of the rule of law, a cornerstone of democratic governance and a key criterion for EU accession.