Explosion rocks state-run rocket factory in Ankara: Five workers dead

Explosion rocks state-run rocket factory in Ankara: Five workers dead
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Families gather outside MKE factory in Ankara to learn more about the explosion

A devastating explosion in a state-run rocket factory claimed the lives of five workers on Friday, sending shockwaves through the workers and their families and prompting investigations into the cause of the tragic incident.

The explosion took place at 8.40 am in the dynamite mixer workshop of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation's (MKE) Rocket and Explosive Materials Factory in the Elmada district of Turkey’s capital Ankara.

The deafening blast reverberated throughout the district, causing damage to nearby buildings as shattered glass littered the streets. The incident has sparked both grief and concern, leading to the gathering of distressed family members outside the factory premises.

Authorities have launched an immediate investigation into the cause of the explosion, while initial reports suggest that a chemical reaction within the production facility may have triggered the tragic event.

Deputy Minister of National Defense Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu made the following statement: "The place where the explosion occurred is a very small building. When we reviewed the camera footage, there was nothing unusual until the moment of the explosion; our workers were performing their regular activities. The explosion happened suddenly. This is a factory that operates continuously and is not a place where inexperienced individuals work."