Far right party official to journalist: "We're breathing down your neck"

Far right party official to journalist: "We're breathing down your neck"
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MHP Deputy Chairman Yonter has called journalist Uludag "enemy of Turks" after Uludag exposed Yonter's close relationship with a judge who insisted to deny an imprisoned deputy release despite a Constitutional Court ruling.

The Deputy Chairman of far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in Turkey targeted a journalist who exposed his close relationship with a high appeals court judge who recently refused to comply with the Constitutional Court's binding decision ordering the release of an imprisoned duty.

Journalist Alican Uludag of Deutsche Welle (DW) Turkish on Saturday said that MHP Deputy Chairman Izzet Ulvi Yonter was the wedding witness at the wedding of judge H.Y.'s daughter. He also posted a photo from the wedding ceremony.

Uludag's post came immediately after Yonter criticized in a broadcast the Constitutional Court who said imprisoned deputy Can Atalay's right to parliamentary immunity had been violated by a decision of the Court of Cassation who confirmed the deputy's continued detention.

Yonter said:

"Our Chairman [Devlet Bahceli] already issued the ruling in the case: We will either dissolve [the Constitutional Court] or restructure it."

After journalist Uludag exposed his close relationship with H.Y., the Deputy President of the Third Chamber of the Court of Cassation, who rejected the Constitutional Court's binding decision, Yonter targeted Uludag saying:

"Alican, enemy of Turks... We are breathing down your neck... You are not a journalist but a militant and a hit man. Yes, I was indeed the wedding witness and I'm proud of that."