Father and six-year-old daughter rescued by Greek team

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The Greek search and rescue team consists of 21 firefighters, two doctors, three emergency aid personnel and two trained dogs.

Teams from Greece and Poland on Tuesday rescued three people who were trapped under the rubble in Turkey's southeastern city of Adiyaman and southern coastal city of Iskenderun.

Greek disaster response unit, EMAK, rescued a 50-year-old father and his six-year-old daughter in Iskenderun, Greek public broadcaster ERT said.

EMAK's search and rescue team, consisting of 21 firefighters, two physicians, three emergency aid personnel and two trained dogs, arrived in Turkey in a military transport aircraft on Monday.

In Adiyaman, a man was rescued by a team of Poland's Fire Service.

"The first person has been rescued. A man extracted from under the rubble together in cooperation with the Turkish team. We pulled a man out from under the rubble. It's a pride," Andrzej Bartkowiak, chief of Poland's Fire Service, wrote on Twitter.

Poland sent 76 firefighters and eight trained dogs to support post earthquake efforts in Turkey on Monday.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced Tuesday that Polish miners will also join in search and rescue efforts.