Feminist night march banned in Istanbul

Feminist night march banned in Istanbul
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The governor of Beyoglu district justified the ban on security grounds. The organizers opposed the ban and said they would still take to the streets “to fill the squares and give strength to each other”

Turkish authorities on Tuesday banned a feminist night march planned for International’s Women's Day in Istanbul’s Taksim Square for security reasons.

The demonstration could cause unrest among some of the public, and lead to "verbal, physical and provocative" attacks between the demonstrators and other groups during the event, which could endanger public order and national security, the Beyoglu District Governor's Office said in a statement.

Earlier, police erected barricades on the streets leading to İstiklal Avenue, where the demonstration was to take place.

The organizers of the march replied that they would defy the ban, as in previous years.

"March 8 cannot be banned! Our Feminist Night March, which began in 2003 with just under 100 women, has grown steadily despite all the oppression, bans and obstructions. This year, as every year, we' will take to the streets to fill the squares and give strength to each other,” a written statement by the organization committee said.

It added:

"Against patriarchy, capitalism, the profit system you rely on, heterosexism, transphobia, racism, nationalism, religious oppression, exploitation, impoverishment, imprisonment, war, and male-state violence, we' will continue to be in the streets with our revolt.