Fenerbahce fans: "We don't want Hezbullah in Parliament

Fenerbahce fans:  "We don't want Hezbullah in Parliament
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The rising wave of public backlash against Hezbullah’s political wing Huda-Par entering Turkish national assembly echoed in Fenerbahce FC’s stadium in Istanbul.

During the season’s first derby match against Trabzonspor,

Fenerbahce stands in the Ulker stadium became a powerful stage for thousands of passionate fans to express their vehement opposition to Huda-Par which sent four deputies to parliament Parliament through AKP's party lists.

Amidst the exhilarating chants and songs, Fenerbahce supporters boldly proclaimed, "We don't want Hizbullah in Parliament," echoing a growing sentiment that has transcended the boundaries of sports and politics.

Fans also chanted "Turkey is secular and will remain secular" and "We are Mustafa Kemal's soldiers," emphasizing their allegiance to the principles of the founder of the Turkish Republic.

They also sang the Izmir March, a symbol for the secularism in Turkey.

On Thursday, Sakaryaspor fans also displayed their discontent towards Huda-Par's leader, Zekeriya Yapicioglu, when they encountered him at a rest stop in Bolu. The fans expressed their disapproval by chanting slogans such as "Hizbullah members, you will leave."

Huda Par has its roots in the Kurdish Islamist Hezbollah group (not related to the Lebanese Shia organization Hezbollah), who clashed - in alliance with state forces - with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) during the 1990s and who is held responsible for the deaths of over 500 people, including many Kurdish political activists, human rights defenders and journalists.

Hezbollah ("Faction of God" in English) is also accused of assassinating Diyarbakir's police chief Gaffar Okan on 24 January 2001.