Four different polls show Kilicdaroglu ahead of Erdogan

Four different polls show Kilicdaroglu ahead of Erdogan
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According to four different polls conducted last week, opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu leads the presidential race in Turkey. Polls also show that the Nation Alliance will have the majority in the parliament after the elections

New polls suggest that the Turkish opposition's joint presidential candidate, Kemal Kilicdaroglu of Nation Alliance is leading against President Tayyip Erdogan by more than 10 percentage points ahead of elections scheduled for May 14, Reuters reported.

The polls show the Nation Alliance is also leading the parliamentary race, at least six points ahead of Erdogan's AKP (Justice and Development Party) and its allies. The pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) remains comfortably above 10%.

A poll by Aksoy Research published on Saturday showed Kilicdaroglu, leading against Erdogan with 55.6% and 44.4% of the vote respectively.

The main opposition bloc received 44.1% of the vote and the HDP 10.3%. The AKP and its nationalist MHP allies together came to 38.2 %, according to Aksoy

A poll conducted by Alf Research on March 6 and 7 showed Kilicdaroglu with 55.1% of the vote and Erdogan with 44.9%. Kilicdaroglu's Republican People's Party (CHP) was the most popular with 31.8%, while the AK party was the worst with 31%.

The main opposition bloc received 43.5% of the vote, while the HDP received 11.3%, the poll showed. The AKP and the MHP together came to 37.5%.

Piar Research showed Kilicdaroglu winning with 57.1%, with Erdogan lagging on 42.9%. The CHP got 32.3%, the AKP 30.8% and the HDP 11.6%. The main opposition bloc got 46.4%, while the AKP and MHP earned 37.8%, the poll, published on March 10, showed.

ORC Research showed Kilicdaroglu ahead with 56.8% and Erdogan on 43.2%, according to a poll conducted on March 4-6, before Kilicdaroglu was officially announced as the opposition candidate.

The earthquakes appeared to have had little impact on the AKP's popularity. In a poll by Metropoll, 34.4% of people blamed the government for the losses during the earthquake, while 26.9% blamed contractors.

The municipalities came in third, with 15.4% of contributors saying they were to blame, while 12.9% answered with "all."