German magazine Stern: “Erdogan, the Arsonist”

German magazine Stern: “Erdogan, the Arsonist”
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Stern argued that Turkish President Erdogan is stirring up dangerous conflicts in order to secure his power

Just a week after the UK’s leading magazine the Economist featured Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on its cover, criticizing him of tipping Turkey over the edge into a full-blown dictatorship, now Germany’s Stern published a file on Turkey, blasting Erdogan’s policies.

Featuring Erdogan on its weekly edition’s cover, Stern called the Turkish President “The Arsonist” [Der Brandstifter].

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is stirring up dangerous conflicts in order to secure power, the German magazine said.

In an extensive series of analyzes of Turkey and its upcoming elections, Stern criticized Erdogan’s policies in his country and abroad, Birgun’s Gursel Koksal said on Wednesday.

“This week's cover theme has been on the loose for a long time. Until we sent the magazine to print, it was not possible to know for sure whether Recep Tayyip Erdogan would come to Germany. It is known that he wants to use his influence on the Turks of Germany in the upcoming election campaign. He also wants to remain a stirrer and an arsonist both at the national and international level,” Koksal cited Gregor Peter Schmitz, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, as saying in his editorial.

In one of the articles, Sterns said Erdogan is “struggling” to stay in power.

“In order to secure his power, he relentlessly stirring up conflicts; in his own country, in Syria, and here in Germany,” it said.

“From Ukraine to Syria, Erdogan holds many strings in his hands and uses his power accordingly,” the magazine said.

Criticizing Erdogan of negotiating both with the West and Russian President Vladimir Putin, underestimating the NATO and advancing the war in Syria, “However, he has to continue a relentless struggle to stay in power in his own country,” it said.

Stern also argued that Erdogan might stay in power despite an election defeat.

“Would Erdogan admit an electoral defeat? His party, the AKP, and its far-right partner MHP are so entrenched in the military and police forces that some experts speculate that he may remain in power despite the public's preference to the contrary,” it said.

Turkey is facing presidential and parliamentary elections this year. Erdogan in power for the last 20 years, is failing public support according to the recent polls.