Greece's denial of visa to mafia boss protested by masked, armed men

Greece's denial of visa to mafia boss protested by masked, armed men
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The dark figures in the video pledge loyalty to Turkey's biggest mafia boss Cakici after his visa application has been rejected by Greek authorities.

A group of armed men with masks on their faces protested Greek authorities' denial of visa to Turkey's biggest mafia boss.

A video was posted on Twitter on Tuesday after mafia boss Alaattin Cakici's application for visa was rejected by Greece.

The 21-second video shows a group of masked men apparently carrying guns, as one of them say:

"The Ambassador of Greece cannot obstruct people's right to travel. We are under the command of our chieftain Alaattin Cakici, and we report only to him. We do whatever our chieftain Alaattin Cakici tells us to do."

The dark figures made the finger sign of the far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and Grey Wolves in the video, and chanted takbir, the Arabic phrase for "God is the greatest."

Cakici launched a social media attack on Monday on Greek authorities after the rejection of his application for visa.

He said:

"Greece has not forgotten its defeat by the Ottoman Empire even after centuries. If the inhabitants of Istanbul fart, there will be an earthquake with an intensity of 15 on the Richter scale in Athens."

Cakici, an ally of MHP leader Bahceli, was earlier listed in a police report as the head of the most influential organized crime network in Turkey, with 428 men under his command.